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TalkLiveU, where you’ll learn marketing strategies, promotional tips, and how to create & maintain a winning profile for your unique business. Read about the easy, enjoyable profession of one-on-one talk with live customers, and find out more about TalkLive.com’s many features!

We’re partners with you and will do everything possible to help guide you to success. We’ll teach you how to handle challenges, avoid mistakes, develop loyal customers and make the most of your TalkLive.com enterprise.




Earn Money Working From Home

Ladies, your success on talklive.com depends on these five key factors:

  1. How you market yourself on our site and others
  2. How much time you spend updating your listing
  3. How much effort you spend connecting with free callers to build a base of loyal paid customers
  4. How motivated you are to learn new features and experiment with creative ways to engage callers
  5. How well you learn from the free advice & resources offered here in TLU.

Are you surprised that “experience at phone chat” isn’t up there? ANYONE can earn money using talklive.com! There is NO prior experience necessary.

By exploring various approaches, you can get your own home-based business off the ground, increasing your profits while you gain marketing skills and live talk experience.


Contrary to popular belief, more than half of TalkLive.com’s callers do not seek erotic conversations! Many callers simply want someone to talk to: a caring voice to offer support, friendship, advice, and understanding. You don’t have to be an actress, or provide imaginative erotic dialog. Good listeners and caring people often earn more than good performers!


Getting started is easy and free. Even if you’re shy or not particularly knowledgeable about what callers want. Trust us; talking to others is much easier than it sounds. And totally confidential!